Board Of Directors

Executive Board Members

Name Position Email Contact Number Alternate Number
Mark Wasson President / Girls Softball Commissioner (317) 985-7361
Mike Walton Administration Vice President            (314) 496-7447           
Ben Ruck Operations Vice President / Boys Baseball Commissioner (314) 276-8093
Chad Deakin Facilities Officer / Equipment Officer (636) 236-9701
Vacant Secretary
Brian Oravetz Financial Officer (573) 239-4128
Lance Leonard Marketing Director (314) 809-4662

Board Members

Name Position Email Contact Number Alternate Number
Terry Amrein (314) 971-1630
Chris Consolino (314) 938-4096  
Dan Flaschar (314) 809-7002  
Jim Franke (314) 605-4842  
Dan Goring (314) 393-7621  
Kenyon Hails (636) 236-6718  
Bob Limp (314) 365-7598  
David Lochmann (636) 489-1625
Kent Murphy (314) 479-0026  
Phil Ozersky (314) 422-9296  
Dave Payne  Webmaster (314) 960-6798  
Matt Thurston (240) 246-4710  
Eric Toenjes (314) 346-2470  
Gary Yerby (314) 732-8339  

Senior Staff

Name Position Email Contact Number Alternate Number
Alan Manetzke Umpire-In-Chief (314) 607-3248
Aaron Byinton Sr. Ground Crew (573) 330-8723             
Debbie Hill Director of Concessions (314) 413-5395  

Age Group Coordinators

Test Ellisville Athletic Association is run by a volunteer board. If you are interested in joining the board to have input into what goes on at the park, or assist in helping coaches and players with registration as an Age Group Coordinator, please contact any current board member. The list can be found by clicking here.

Parents and Players:

Your first contact should be with your coach. Age group coordinators, commissioners, and board members communicate with the manager of your team.


Your primary contact will be with your age group coordinator. Please contact them with any issues or concerns to be addressed promptly. We at EAA are dedicated to providing all of our teams, coaches, parents and visitors with the very best sporting experience possible.





Boys Commissioner

Ben Ruck

4/5U Boys Dan Flaschar
6U Boys Dan Flaschar

7U Boys Ben Ruck
8U Boys Travis Dauby
9U Boys Robert Lappin

10U Boys

Matt Thurston

11U Boys

Ben Ruck

12U Boys

Ben Ruck

13U Boys

Kent Murphy

14U Boys

Dave Lochmann




Girls Commissioner

Mark Wasson

4U/5U Girls Dan Flaschar
6U Girls Dan Flaschar
7U Girls Mark Wasson
8U Girls Mark Wasson

10U Girls

Anne Consolino

12U Girls

Kenyon Hails   

14U Girls

Phil Ozersky
High School Girls    
Dave Payne