Practice Field


Ellisville offers the Woodlawn Chapel practice field to all teams which play at our park.
The process to reserve a practice slot and the associated cost is below.

  • Send an email to
  • Please indicate the practice slot you would like to reserve
  • Each practice slot is $225 per year (March - November)
  • Check must be made out to EAA


 Woodlawn  Monday    Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday    Friday       Saturday  Sunday
 Blocked Out 
8:00-9:30am           Robb  
          Schmersahl (P)  
11:00-12:30pm           Shipley   
12:30-2:00pm            Seifert (P)  Bertchume
2:00-3:30pm            Bader (P) Hendrixon (P)
3:30-5:00pm              Consonlino
5:00-6:30pm Consonlino (P) Hadfield (P) Murphy Leighton (P)  K. Roach (P)   Kirn
6:30-8:00pm  Toenjes (P)  Helm (P)  Beatty (P)  Wasson (P) B. Moffat (P)    Miller