Youth Baseball League Overview

Age Groups: 7U-14U
Season: April through July

The youth divisions are open to boys 7U through 14U, younger ages are considered training league and operate under their own set of unique rules and guidelines.

Ellisville has a new ranking system for 8u - 14u divisions, and offers the following levels of competition:

  • Blue - AA
  • Red - A
  • White- Recreational

Our association schedules each team to play 12 league games.  Blue level teams will initially be scheduled Monday through Thursday as these teams play tournaments and play less during the weekends.

It is important for teams to rank themselves before the season begins and evaluate their talent from year to year so Coordinators/Commissioners can rank you in a division that will allow the best competition.  Each Park as well as the STLWAA Commissioner will vet teams to assure of fair play.

Note: Teams can change their ranking from year to year as individual teams progress and evolve from season to season.

2019 Spring Baseball Age Groups

Age Level



7 & Under  5/01/2011 4/30/2012
8 & Under 5/01/2010 4/30/2011
9 & Under 5/01/2009 4/30/2010
10 & Under 5/01/2008 4/30/2009
11 & Under 5/01/2007 4/30/2008
12 & Under 5/01/2006 4/30/2007
13 & Under 5/01/2005 4/30/2006
14 & Under 5/01/2004 4/30/2005

Age Group Coordinators

Parents and Players:

Your first contact should be with your coach. Age group coordinators, commissioners, and board members communicate with the manager of your team.


Your primary contact will be with your age group coordinator. Please contact them with any issues or concerns to be addressed promptly. We at EAA are dedicated to providing all of our teams, coaches, parents and visitors with the very best sporting experience possible.





Boys Commissioner

Dan Flaschar

4/5U Boys Dan Flaschar  eaamobaseball@gmail.com
6U Boys Dan Flaschar
7U Boys Dan Flaschar eaamobaseball@gmail.com
8U Boys Ben Ruck
9U Boys Travis Dauby eaamobaseball@gmail.com

10U Boys

Ben Ruck


11U Boys

Ben Ruck


12U Boys

Ben Ruck


13U Boys

John Helm eaamobaseball@gmail.com

14U Boys

Kent Murphy eaamobaseball@gmail.com